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AFM Regulation & EuVECA label
Cottonwood Technology Fund falls under the Dutch AFM Regulation (AFM Fund ID: 50025510) and the AFM granted on the 2nd of November Cottonwood Technology Fund III for the EuVECA label. The EuVECA label has been issued under the Venture Capital regulation. Private Equity fund managers, who primarily invest in SMEs, can apply for an EuVECA label under the Venture Capital regulation. The label is only issued by the AFM (the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets) when an investment fund and its managers can meet a specific set of quality requirements and ongoing obligations. With the EuVECA label in place, Cottonwood Technology Fund is able to offer institutional investors in any of the member states of the European Union the opportunity to invest in Cottonwood Technology Fund III.

Fund Documentation
Official Fund Documentation is available on request and only for accredited investors.

Legal entities
Netherlands: Cottonwood Technology Fund III CV
USA: Cottonwood Capital Partners III, LLC

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