FibeRio Technology Corporation, is an award winning enterprise that has pioneered a new process to create the microscopic nanofibers used widely from traditional textiles and filtration products to medical supplies and aerospace materials, with further potential applications ranging from tissue engineering to drug delivery. Originally developed at the University of Texas–Pan American (UTPA), Forcespinning™ is a much more environmentally sound breakthrough in nanofiber production that reduces manufacturing costs up to 75% while broadening the range of applicable materials. FibeRio’s experienced management team is dedicated to scaling up this powerful new technology to meet the most demanding industrial requirements and planned product launches from research scale to high output continuous in-line processing equipment. The capacities of these machines will far exceed currently used nanofiber production methods, resulting in broad implications for a huge variety of industries. “Our disruptive technology being based in Edinburg, TX could have proven to be a significant barrier to attracting capital. Cottonwood was very comfortable in committing to the company and has been tremendous in supporting us in all areas critical to our success,” said Ellery Buchanan, CEO and Founder of FibeRio. The company is in 2016 acquired by Clarcor (NYSE – CLC).

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