Respira Therapeutics

Respira Therapeutics is a drug delivery device company founded by CTF through an exclusive worldwide field of use license from the University of New Mexico. CTF has recruited a CEO with experience as a global director in large pharma plus having had founder start-up experience including an exit via a successful IPO in a prior managed company. Respira’s technology has the potential to make a significant impact in the dry inhalant drug delivery industry. Their patented approach uses a single large bead coated or uncoated which can deliver any dosage up to 25 mg using with the ability to use only the dry powder with no need for typical lactose carried particles. Their technology delivers the drugs to the deep lung at three to four times the rate of existing state-of-the-art inhalers. This has tremendous benefit to patents on existing drugs while solving the recent ban on CFCs, eliminating the need for a carrier material as currently required, solving inhalation capacity dependence, and allowing applications for new and existing drugs not previously available as a dry inhalant. A drug partner will help develop the initial product and Respire expects to enter clinical trials within 12 months. Respira Therapeutics can be found online at

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