Trilumina is based in Albuquerque, NM. For the first time ever, TriLumina has demonstrated technology capable of powering hundreds of individual lasers operating in perfect synchronization at exceedingly high speeds and power. TriLumina’s “Light Engine” is a truly new and disruptive platform technology. TriLumina laser arrays can “scan,” select, transmit data, and “see” the world in a dramatically new way. The applications are almost limitless. Light Engines dramatically improve the capabilities and resolution of Natural User Interface (NUI) applications (such as the popular XBox Kinect and motion sensing SmartTVs). Light Engines advances the capabilities of NUI devices to a sophisticated real-time 3-D tool that can read your fingers, facial expressions and discriminate small movements from across the room. These same Light Engines are also capable of delivering incredible amounts of data over beams of light – over 10 gigabytes per second. Smartphones, displays, televisions, laptops, hard drives and other networked devices can connect wirelessly at fiber optic speeds. TriLumina is in November 2020 acquired by Lumentum.

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